Madhya Pradesh
State Environment Impact Assessment Authority
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Notices   Officer orders
Gazate Notification For Madhya Pradesh
EIA Notification- GOI
EIA Notification GOI (Amendment December 2009)
MP Govt. (Environment) order in continuation of Notification of
MOEF for constitution of SEIAA & SEAC
Office Order no. 191 dt. 16.06.2011 regarding processing fees.
Processing Fee Order for new Application with effect from 24-Feb-2011
Letter to ED, EPCO regarding constitution of SEIAA & SEAC
Memorandums Prior EC Form 1 & 1 A
OM 03rd Aug. 2016 regarding using registered vehicles as per directives of NGT order in OA 20/2015 by order dated 26/07/16
Office Memorandum 03rd Aug. 2015
Office Memorandum 13th Jan. 2010 (J-11013/2010-IA.II(I) GOI
Office Memorandum no. 964/EPCO/SEIAA/12 dtd. 27-1-12
Office Memorandum no. 966/EPCO/SEIAA/12 dtd. 27-1-12
Office Memorandum no. 2366/SEIAA/13 date 06-02-13
Prior EC Form 1 & 1 A (For construction Projects under 8 of Schedule)
Accrediton List of Consultants
Accrediton List of Consultants

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